A Leap Ahead For Homes Down Under

In an article from the Huffington Post and Virgin news articles, our Steev Wilson added his architectural point of view on the sustainability of energy scores and the potential effects on the real estate market.

“A home energy score, while providing an at-a-glance rating for overall efficiency and carbon footprint, is also a description of the performance and comfort within a home. This comfort and performance comes from quality construction practices that reduce the inherent symptoms of shoddy construction, like air infiltration, noisy equipment, leaky ducts, cold floors, the list goes on,” said Steev Wilson, owner of Forum Phi Architecture, an award-winning firm based in Colorado. “I believe that as scores become more prevalent, they will not only be valued as a means to identify energy efficient buildings but will become a measure of the quality of the product being purchased and gauge the expectation for the quality of life and health that product is associated with.”