Forum Phi provides architecture, land planning, interior design and procurement services for residential, commercial and hospitality clients.

Furthermore, Forum Phi offers a multi-stage quality control process, which allows our team to deliver on time and within budget.

In addition, the firm's focus on innovation is not limited to design, but also evident in our approach from start to finish.

Architecture & Interior Design with Collective Intelligence, Artistry & Vision

Forum Phi is an award-winning Architecture & Interior Design Firm.  Established in 2006, Forum Phi thoughtfully provides a collaborative architecture and interior design environment, with client-centric and sustainability-driven processes that create an atmosphere that cultivates inspiring perspectives and endless design opportunities.

With headquarters in Colorado, and offices in both Aspen and Carbondale, our firm provides comprehensive architectural, land planning, interior design, and procurement services.  Our successful business model has resulted in hundreds of completed projects to date and sustainable growth; additionally, Forum Phi is proudly represented by team members working remotely in New York, Denver, Las Vegas, and Iowa.  Our firm incorporates a balance of design, business, community, and culture that sets Forum Phi apart amid other firms.

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Our team of architects and interior designers seek a wide variety of projects. With this in mind, our belief is that the studio’s multi-disciplinary work is enriched by tackling diverse challenges of type, scale, and audience. As a result, we have employees across the US partnering with clients in all regions. 

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We’re truly motivated by the curiosity to investigate how innovation can work across projects, places, and people.

  • Interior Design Services
  • Residential Ground Up
  • Residential Remodels
  • Affordable Housing
  • Hospitality
  • Land Planning

Our work extends beyond Colorado

Client Feedback

"My wife and I tend to have differing opinions, and the software Forum Phi uses allows us to see both our design ideas before moving forward. We worked with them for planning all the way through interior design, everyone was very responsive and they truly listened to us and what we wanted. From finding an extremely clever solution during some challenges in the initial planning all the way to working with us to find the perfect finishes that make our house a home. They take our desire for confidentiality very seriously and our family is now working with them on a third residence. Since working with Forum Phi, I've referred all of my friends who are looking to renovate or build a new home. Client-centric truly defines this group."

- Client, Telluride CO and New York NY

“I have over four years of experience working with Steev on three different projects. I would highly recommend him for any project. The design process is important to me as a client, it is a pleasure to work with an architect who is capable of truly listening. Steev understands what I value in each project and is able to internalize my design aesthetic and make suggestions and design decisions which match my tastes intuitively. Steev has a meticulous eye for detail which extends from the interior through the landscaping. I am always amazed by his unique vision for functional spaces. He seems to always be able to find the most efficient way to make use of every inch.”

- Client, Aspen CO and San Francisco CA

"Forum Phi has my full endorsement as an outstanding architecture and interior design firm. I've been involved in more than a handful of construction projects throughout the years, and have worked with many different designers. Steev and the team at Forum Phi have provided, by far, one of the best experiences I've had. They have been extremely responsive at every step and when it comes to providing detailed drawings and designs, their 3D process is remarkably easy to work with and make changes."

- Client, Aspen CO

“Steev’s community oriented view and forward-thinking sets him apart from his colleagues, his willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities makes him excel as a leader. To build an environmentally literate society, we need leaders that are capable of making the environmentally and scientifically informed decisions critical to society’s prosperity and well-being.”

- Pro Bono Client, Aspen CO

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to compliment your common area renovations in the North of Nell building. It really came out great and was very classy, yet durable and modern. As a investment commercial asset manager, I can really appreciate such projects and the impact they have on the entire building. Next time we visit Aspen we will have to plan a little more in advance so we can get a condo in the complex!"

- Client, Houston, TX

"We appreciate a job well done, particularly when a creative solution is required. This is a culmination of a substantial amount of work and creativity on the part of Forum Phi. Thank you."

- Client, Aspen CO