Aspen Historical Society Receives State and Local Awards

The focus of the Aspen Historical Society is to enrich the community through preserving and communicating Aspen’s remarkable history. When they engaged Forum Phi to transform their archive building and office, while keeping the celebrated historic nature of the building intact, the firm was immediately on board. To work on such a beautiful space in the West End while also being tasked with ensuring a way to safely store the City of Aspen’s archival documents, Forum Phi instantly said yes. The firm donated services to assist them with the design of a climate-controlled, fireproof space where the Aspen Historical Society can store and protect historical documents and the history of our community.

This enhanced space has just been recognized by History Colorado, part of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. The organization presented the non-profit with the Bancroft Award for advancing preservation and public access to historical artifacts. Forum Phi couldn’t be more thrilled to have been a part of the remodel and renovations to the Archive Building. Listen to the discussion on Aspen Public Radio HERE.

The Forum Phi team converted the lowest level of the structure into a cutting-edge facility; all while emphasizing risk reduction for fire, floor and security threats. In order to optimize the productivity of the Society’s employees as well as allow for community members to have secure interaction with artifacts, an all purpose public space was designed to be used for presentations, meetings and kids programs. Forum Phi also added office space for the quickly growing team, as well as volunteers and research fellows.