Steev Wilson Named as Colorado Homes & Lifestyles        Top 5 Designers Under 40


Aspen architect Steev Wilson prides himself on thinking outside the box. “Each time we run into an obstacle,” he says, “we get to turn it around: ‘Is this a problem, or is this an opportunity?’ In this business, we get all these challenging circumstances that really stretch our creativity and push us to work together to come up with solutions, which is where the magic happens. I get to keep learning every day. I think a lot of people let boundaries contain them; we like to think around corners and try to figure out innovative solutions. We want to be different; we’re OK that we’re a bit weird. We bring a unique perspective to our work, and I think that’s important.

Forum Phi is Awarded the PSMJ 2017 Circle of Excellence

Aspen's Business of the Year 2016!

Forum Phi, have been awarded the “2016 Business of the Year” accolade by Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA). The Business of the Year is a long-standing program designed to recognize business excellence in the Roaring Fork Valley and an opportunity to overtly appreciate organizations that value and reach unparalleled quality, consistency, and service. This recognition follows the November announcement by Outside Magazine honoring Forum Phi as the #1 Best Place to Work 2016.

Forum Phi was selected by ACRA for demonstrating strengths in company culture, management philosophy, community involvement, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business growth. Forum Phi “defies ordinary” through its proprietary design process and its emphasis on culture.

“The Forum Phi team is humbled to be awarded ACRA‘s Business of the Year,” said Steev Wilson, founding partner of Forum Phi. “This award reflects Forum Phi’s desire to do things differently. We truly believe in this community and the Aspen Idea - a balance of mind, body, and spirit - as a model for our firm and the way we live.”

2016's #1 Best Place to Work


Forum Phi takes the cake on Outside Magazine's Best Place to Work list in 2016. Each year companies from all over the U.S. submit applications to nominate themselves for the Best Places to Work list. From here, Outside Magazine conducts a rigorous vetting process in partnership with the Best Companies Group and ask employees to review factors like corporate culture, policies and perks, role satisfaction, work environment and overall employee engagement. The Best Places to Work list represents the cream of the crop - companies that empower their employees to live bigger better lives.

 "This year’s collection of Best Places to Work finalists showcases companies that make employee health and happiness a point of pride," said Outside associate editor Greg Thomas. "These are employers that incentivize Outside’s core ideals of getting out, being active, and having fun."


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