Beth Held Graduates from Roaring Fork Leadership

Just this past month, one of our Project Managers, Beth Held, graduated from the Roaring Fork Leadership. RFL is a leadership development training organization that provides access to new ways of being a leader. They act as a catalyst for effective and collaborative community change and improvement. Each year, RFL assembles a group of 40 people to embark on the 100+ hours of training and dialogue critical for personal, professional, and community problem solving and effectiveness.

Roaring Fork Leadership

While one of the main goals of the RFL program is to improve leadership skills related to professional development, Beth told us she learned a great deal about herself. At the beginning of the program, she established personal goals of improving her independence, self-awareness, and assertiveness. Further, she learned that integrity and communication are fundamental to successful relationships.

Within the program, the group was split into teams of six and assigned with a community project. These team projects tested their newly refined skills of leadership, communication and conflict resolution. While many of the principles reviewed seem basic and fundamental, and at times a little philosophical, it is refreshing to be reminded of these skills to maintain the best relationships possible with oneself and others.

Group Project, Roaring Fork School District

Beth’s group worked with the Roaring Fork School District to assemble a database of Community Experts for the Capstones Project, a graduation requirement for all seniors in the RFSD. The Capstones Project provides students an opportunity to engage in real world and passion-driven projects while consulting their community expert for support and expertise. The community’s involvement in this program expand students’ horizons and ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and character that are fundamental after graduation. With the help of Beth’s Roaring Fork Leadership group, the team increased the number of available community experts from 50 to over 150 in three months.

If you see Beth, please congratulate her on this great accomplishment! Below you’ll see one of her favorites quotes from the program.