Inspiring Change

Lori Gerety, AIA, Senior Project Architect, has been with Forum Phi for many years now and truly understands the need for change and growth. Here she recounts how the firm has developed over the years and what has been important to them as a brand. 

I think we can all agree, we want change. As said many different ways by many different people:

If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.

At Forum Phi, we have taken that quite literally. The firm began on the basis of – let’s be a better design firm. Not in terms of – let’s win a bunch of design awards (although we do that too). We mean better as in – when you take care of your people, they take care of your clients and the company thrives.


Forum Phi Benefits

How do we take care of our people you ask? Many ways, but to name a few, Forum Phi pays 100% of its employee health, dental and vision insurance, we take quarterly Forum Phridays including an annual Hut Trip into the Rocky Mountains, a free ski pass with flex time for powder days, a substantial budget for team building activities, iPhones, anniversary gifts, birthday celebrations ….. you get the point. We work hard so that we can play even harder. (Hence, the need for really great health insurance.)

Best Place to Work

Outside Magazine’s Best Place to Work is an annual award where anonymous surveys are sent to everyone in your firm. Each employee rates the firm in many different categories that will eventually determine what company is the best place to work. It’s not surprising that most of these companies are based in Colorado. In fact, in 2017 41 out of the 100 businesses were in CO including the top four. Over the years there only a few Architecture firms that make the list, and the fact that we’ve been #1 two years in a row really speaks to our organization.

In 2016 and 2017 we won Outside Magazine’s Best Place to Work. This is a HUGE honor. One could argue it provides bragging rights. But that’s not why we submit for this award each year.

We submit for this award to take a pulse on how we are doing. Is our culture thriving? What can be done better or differently? What do people want more or less of? Are our people happy?

Forum Phi gets involved with this award because we want to induce change. We want you to take a look at your own company culture. Our firm wants you to get angry that you did not win this award. In fact, we want you to stop in your tracks and ask your firm what can be done better.

Our office submits for this award because we want you to create so much change in your firm that you beat us next year. We want the world to be FULL of the best places to work.

The verdict is out on if we will win again in 2018 but I can promise you that either way, Forum Phi will continue to change and reach for better in everything we do. We urge you to apply for this award next year and show us how it’s done.