Comprehensive Architecture & Design Services

Forum Phi’s unique and open design approach values all ideas, allowing us to attain a fresh perspective while engaging the full team – including the client – from start to finish. Our intention is to continue surprising and exciting our clients with excellent service, unexpected thinking, and a seamless approach. Our client-driven service will ensure each project is distinct and completed to the highest standards.


We listen to our clients to determine the direction, then we embark on the discovery phase together to identify hidden opportunities, before we begin to design and cultivate their vision. We help our clients create spaces that allow them to thrive in their environments, from lifestyle to livelihood and interests to retreat. We think and act three-dimensionally, allowing our clients to see a space when it’s invisible.

Interior Design

A full-service interior design firm, our professionals are passionate and focused on finding answers to your most difficult space in order to make your dreams become a reality. Forum Phi’s designers are highly connected agents of creativity inspired by their surroundings every day. Our multifaceted design sense provides clients sophistication and beauty, with a meticulous attention to luxury.


Planning seeks to order and regulate land use in an efficient and ethical way. Often used by local government to manage sustainable development within their jurisdiction, planning allows the needs of the community to be taken into account while safeguarding natural resources. Forum Phi provides a systematic assessment of land and water potential, alternatives for land use, and economic and social conditions in order to select and adopt the best land-use options.

Zoning Analysis and Reports

Get the confidence you need before purchasing a residential or commercial property. A zoning analysis is an integral part of real estate transactions. Zoning can determine what type of structure can be built or remodeled, help understand limitations of land use and make sure that you are complying with your local ordinance and municipality. A product of our environment, Forum Phi is committed to planning environmentally sound, financially responsible and long-lasting structures.

Consultant Coordination

We offer pre-construction design services to bridge the gap between consulting engineers and building contractors. We utilize the latest tools and technologies to model and coordinate structures to minimize issues during construction.

Visualization Services

Forum Phi offers visualization services ranging from conceptual sketching to photorealistic computer rendering.

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