Finding Inspiration at Art Basel

Many of us would love to attend Art Basel, but as one of the most high-end art shows in the world, it’s not as easily accessible as we’d like. Which is why we are thrilled to have Travis’ insider’s view.

As Creative Director and an Interior Designer at Forum Phi, Travis Terry believes that inspiration comes in forms, but Art Basel sets the bar.

Art Basel 

The Art Basel show in Switzerland brings the international art world together. Here the world’s leading galleries display works of over 4,000 artists. This incredible show takes place at the Swiss exhibition site Messe Basel, featuring a hall designed by international architects Herzog & de Meuron of Basel. Furthermore, each day a full program of speakers and talks take place to highlight current art conversations. Equally valuable, exhibits and events held by cultural institutions throughout Basel and in the surrounding area, create an exciting, region-wide art week.

The inspiration, the artists, the museums, the parties, I’ve never had such an experience. In other words, Art Basel doesn’t compare to any other shows. The ability to bring together the best of the best throughout the world is inconceivable. In particular, the interactive installations at Basel Unlimited captivated me. The week was unforgettable. In short, I can’t even express how lucky I feel to have been able to attend.


Below you’ll find a few of the highlights that I enjoyed most —

Tomas Saraceno

Informed by the world of art, architecture and natural science Tomas’ floating sculptures are so new and exciting. His ‘hybrid dark solitary semi-social cluster’, my favorite, is created based on a solo spider in its web. Notably, Tomas is the first person to scan reconstruct and reimagine spiders weaved spatial habitats then exhibit the 3D collection within an architectural glass space.

Jim Dine

A major post-war artist, who is famous for his prints and digital art, Jim Dine creates work that ranges from vibrant large-scale painting to exquisitely-rendered, romantic drawings and bronze sculptures. A Puzzled Mind (2017), namely, blew me away. I recently came across an article that surprisingly mentioned since his first solo exhibition in 1960, Dine’s work has been the subject of nearly 300 solo exhibitions worldwide.

Jeff Zimmerman

From his exquisite glass chandeliers and lamps to his beautiful custom light fixtures, Jeff Zimmerman might be one of my most favorite designers. Uniquely, the organic shapes he creates are obscure but soft. Jeff’s broad range of pieces truly illustrate his ability to create nearly anything a client envisions.

Rogan Gregory

Fashion designer, furniture maker, and sculptor Rogan Gregory is incredible, and I loved being able to see so many pieces up close and personal at Art Basel. His often biomorphic forms sculpted from bronze, wood, and stone truly capture a feeling with each piece. In most cases, each seems to resemble a bone or something washed up on the beach.

Full Installations
The Haas Brothers

With an eccentric flair, the Haas Brothers are creating works of fantasy. The pieces display a sense of nature and illusion. The brothers and their team continue to shake up the design world with their high-end furniture and objects. In fact, the Haas Brothers just did a show in Aspen at the Marianne Boesky Gallery that I was able to attend as well.


Galerie Mitterrand

Galerie Mitterand, from Paris, France, is a beautiful display of furniture and art. Notably, one of the items on display at Art Basel this year is a beautiful 1999 masterpiece bed made by Claud LaLanne. For many years the Galerie in Paris has displayed predominantly showcased sculpture and is in particular actively involved in rediscovering artists.

I’m really looking forward to Art Basel Miami this winter and can’t wait to share what I find!