Forum Phi Recognized as Outside Magazine’s #1 Best Place to Work, Two Years Running

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning has again been recognized as OUTSIDE’s #1 Best Place to Work 2017. Not only are the winning companies recognized as great workplaces for employees, but they respect the environment and encourage a balance between work and enjoying life in the great outdoors.

“Forum Phi was created to be the place I always wanted to work”, says founding partner Steev Wilson. “We have maintained that employee-centered ethic as we grow, and this leads us to be a company that focuses on quality of life, quality of product, and quality of experience. If you create an environment where the team truly cares for one another, that level of care finds its way into our service, our community, and our client’s experience. This environment makes work a place where you are free to be yourself and also a part of a collaborative team.  We embody the kind of support and empowerment needed to make people capable of incredible things; that’s the place I always wanted to work and am proud to have created. We feel honored to be a part of this select group and congratulations to all of the companies that have dedicated their time and resources to becoming cultural leaders!”

Forum Phi’s culture is energetic, cohesive and fun. The firm has fostered an environment that allows people to be themselves and openly pursue their passions. Flex-time for powder mornings is only one item on the extensive list of benefits that Forum Phi offers their team.  The firm is committed to investing time and energy in supporting the local environment in which we call home. “We strive to set an example of unparalleled community stewardship through volunteer efforts and the donation of architectural services to local and national non-profit organizations”, said Steev Wilson. Beyond promoting work/life balance there is a prominent commitment to efficiency, fair and equitable hiring practices, and diverse project types creating extensive opportunities for each team member to gain experience.