Official Architect, Lori Gerety!

Forum Phi congratulates Lori Gerety on receiving her architectural license!

Lori began her tenure with Forum Phi eight years ago after earning her Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado. She has managed several residential projects in California and Aspen, while simultaneously volunteering with Women Build events and Habitat for Humanity. Lori’s love for yoga and crossfit keeps her life in balance allowing for her positive outlook.


Forum Phi's Kara Thompson, Official Architect!

Forum Phi congratulates Kara Thompson on receiving her architectural license!

Kara earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture at Syracuse University. While residing in New York, Kara gained valuable experience working in construction and for a variety of firms focused on interior and retail design. During her years with Forum Phi, Kara has discovered the importance of attention to detail and efficiency in managing both her projects and her team. 



In the recent Huffington Post and Virgin news articles, our very own Steev Wilson added his insights from an architectural point of view on the sustainability of energy scores and their potential effects on the real estate market. 

“A home energy score, while providing an at-a-glance rating for overall efficiency and carbon footprint, is also a description of the performance and comfort within a home. This comfort and performance comes from quality construction practices that reduce the inherent symptoms of shoddy construction, like air infiltration, noisy equipment, leaky ducts, cold floors, the list goes on,” said Steev Wilson, owner of Forum Phi Architecture, an award-winning firm based in Colorado. “I believe that as scores become more prevalent, they will not only be valued as a means to identify energy efficient buildings, but will become a measure of the quality of the product being purchased and gauge the expectation for the quality of life and health that product is associated with.”




Recognized for business excellence that value and reach unparalleled quality, consistency, and service.

This past year, 2016 was a big year for Forum Phi! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary, welcomed a newborn baby, won Outside Magazine's Best Place to Work in the nation and now we are honored to win Aspen's Business of the Year!

Aspen Chamber's Resort Association's Business (ACRA) of the Year Award is a long-standing program is designed to overtly recognize and appreciate organizations that demonstrates strengths in company culture, management philosophy, community involvement, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business growth.ACRA for demonstrating strengths in company culture, management philosophy, community involvement, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business growth. Forum Phi “defies ordinary” through its proprietary design process and its emphasis on culture.

We are truly grateful for this recognition! To ACRA, our community and the wonderful people we work with - thank you for making this dream possible! 


One of our projects-in-process, this is an affordable housing project at the base of Smuggler Mountain.

At 37,474 square feet, a major requirement of this brand-new-build was to keep this project as cost-effective as possible with a $300 per square foot construction cost. This project consists of 28 employee housing units built over a covered, sub-grade parking garage. Containing a mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units that total 56 bedrooms and will provide 64 Aspen locals with a new home.

While developing this project we have honed our skills at balancing the function of the unit and efficiency of the floor plan to provide the least amount of "external hall space". This means we are able to provide the residents with the most direct path to their home which also is a huge cost saving measure.

Collaboration is a very integral component to this client’s success of the project. Through many design iterations, the client was able to understand all the available opportunities and land on a design they absolutely love. That particular design allowed for us to create private outdoor space for almost every unit. Furthermore, we continue to bring the outdoors in with a share courtyard in the center, providing community space and landscaping for all residents.

WE'RE #1

Outside Magazine Names Forum Phi America's Best Place to Work!

Happy, excited, honored, thrilled, on cloud nine, ecstatic, tickled pink orange; is how we feel about our recent honor!

Outside Magazine conducted a rigorous vetting process in partnership with the Best Companies Group and asked employees to review factors like corporate culture, policies and perks, role satisfaction, work environment and overall employee engagement. The Best Places to Work list represents the cream of the crop - companies that empower their employees to live bigger better lives...and Forum Phi is at the top of that list!

Top 10 Ways We "Give Back" To Our Community!

Forum Phi Gives Back

Without discussing giving back to the community that has given us so much, the portrait of our firm would be incomplete. It is a core value at Forum Phi because we know if we make the commitment to work together, we can make amazing things happen.

1.     Alameda Point Collaborative: Alameda, CA – donated services for master planning for homeless housing and community room design.

2.     Town of Basalt Planning: Basalt, CO – donated design time to formulate multiple options and renderings and presented design to the community.  

3.     Aspen Center for Environmental Studies: Aspen, CO – donated treehouse design for silent auction.

4.     Challenge Aspen: Snowmass Village, CO – donated design time to create new space layouts, offices, additional storage and a much needed handicapped lift with direct mountain access.

5.     Aspen Historical Society: Aspen, CO – donated our profit for the design and layout of a new Carriage House space to store the treasured relics of Aspen’s history.

6.     “For The Kids”:  Glenwood Springs Youth Hockey Coach, Board Member Three Rivers Little League, Buddy Program

7.     2017 Audi FIS World Cup: Aspen, CO – Forum Phi has offered to close its doors for a day and offer all hands on deck for the return of the Audi FIS World Cup to Aspen!

8.     Coastal Repertory Theater: Half Moon Bay, CA – donated design services for the remodel of a community theater including dressing rooms, restrooms, seating and stage area 

9.     Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club: Aspen, CO – donated design services for reorganization of interior spaces creating a more efficient layout.

10.  We can’t fit it all in so….Aspen Community Foundation, Aspen Board of Realtors, Aspen Public Radio, Habitat For Humanity, Aspen Holiday Basket Program, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Roaring Fork Conservancy, Aspen Humane Society, Aspen Strong Foundation HIKE HOPE HEAL, Art | Wine | Fashion | Design, Ducky Derby, Town of Snowmass Village Clean Up Day, Snowmass Mammoth Fest, The Orchard Church, The Buddy Race, Feed My Sheep, Theater Aspen, Crossroads Church, Brides Against Breast Cancer, Aspen Summit for Life, Bash for the Buddies, Roaring Fork Leadership, City of Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission Chair, and many, many more.



October 2016 marked 10 years of success for Forum Phi! We celebrated in style and opened our doors to our friends, family, clients and network partners.


The Aspen Historical Society (AHS) was in need of a significant remodel to redesign the Carriage House and Archive Facility, home to hundreds of Aspen’s historical archives and AHS office spaces.

The Aspen Historical Society operates the largest archive of images, historical papers, maps, and artifact collections in the region. The Archive Facility houses priceless artifacts from every era of the Aspen valley’s history including the photography collections, maps of 1800s mining claims, Olympic regalia, and notable keepsakes. The Archive Facility was built in the 1970s and in need of not only an interior upgrade, but AHS needed a space to properly safeguard and display these treasures.

The 3,200 square foot building is adjacent to the Wheeler/Stallard Museum and contains two levels above grade and one below. Forum Phi’s design transformed the lowest level of the structure into a state of the art, safe, clean storage environment for all 15,000 plus archival documents with an emphasis on risk reduction for fire, flood and security threats. The team also created research / preservation space to optimize the productivity of staff and allow safe artifact interaction with the community members. An all-purpose public space has been incorporated into the design to be used by the community and historical society for presentations, meetings, and “rainy day” shelter for kid’s programs. Lastly, additional offices have been added to accommodate more volunteers, research fellows, and alleviate the current crowded staff conditions.



At Forum Phi, it's more than just our name that is a little different. Here is our Top 10 List on how we are Different by Design:

  1. We truly believe that it is your vision not ours; we are just here to make it happen. Our product is your smile, so if we produce that we succeed.

  2. We love working here! So your team comes to work happy almost every day.

  3. We are a business: we have developed a unique design and documentation process that is clever and efficient.

  4. We are confidential: your project is your business and no one elses.

  5. We are fresh; not your same dusty old architects. We don’t do something just because it has always been done that way. We ask why, then we break it and do it better.

  6. We leave our egos at the door; We know that great ideas come from everywhere and we take every opportunity to listen and learn.

  7. We encourage creativity; we allow space in the day for the entire team to explore creative outlets. Think mini-google!

  8. We are super efficient with our time: our time costs you money, so we don’t drag out the process. We take the most efficient path to make your project a reality.

  9. We invest in the best; we believe our fantastic team is what makes us great. So we hire the brightest and keep them happy.

  10. We like bending the rules; (clearly since this is point number eleven). We create a clever and innovative culture that asks “how” when faced with a “no”.

  11. Join our team and experience how we are Different by Design.




With seven years of experience in interior design, Geneva (Gigi) approaches every home as a chance to not impose her vision, but rather work to realize her clients personal style. She believes that assessing surroundings and working as a team is the best way to create a beautiful and usable space. Gigi attended the University of Colorado at Boulder graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the School of Architecture and Planning. As a born and raised Aspen local, Gigi is not only inspired by what the mountains have to offer, but she is your go-to-gal for any recommendations on eateries, happy hour, hiking trails or hidden gems.

Our very own Geneva Podolak, Interior Architect and Designer, was featured in the midsummer issue of Aspen Magazine's Interiors Colorado - Design Spotlight.





An evening of art, design, fashion, and wine was hosted by Forum Phi and Forre & Co Fine Art. All proceeds benefited WindWalkers Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy Center.


Learn more about WindWalkers HERE! 






Mixer was hosted by Forum Phi and Peck.Feigenbaum to preview highlighted sketches from the Basalt Our Town Planning process. All proceeds benefited the Basalt Education Foundation.


Learn more about the Basalt Education Foundation HERE!





Happy hour was hosted by Forum Phi and the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club to preview exclusive designs of the AVSC Clubhouse remodel. All proceeds benefited AVSC's scholarship program.


Learn more about the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club HERE!