It’s Your Style, Not Ours.

Forum Phi is an architecture, interior design, and land planning firm that believes in fostering a collaborative environment [FORUM] where beauty and balance in design [PHI], can thrive. First, we LISTEN to our clients to determine the direction and desired purpose for the space. Second, we embark together on the DISCOVERY phase to identify hidden opportunities. Only after a clear understanding of client needs and the project potential do we finally begin to design and CULTIVATE our client’s vision.

Forum Phi is an industry leader, committed to their community and sought after for their effective process, higher quality experience and excellence in design. At Forum Phi we strive for better. We are dedicated to refining everything we do and cultivating a culture of excellence.

Join our Forum, and let us exceed your expectations.

Forum Phi provides architecture, land planning, interior design and procurement services for residential, commercial and hospitality clients.

Furthermore, Forum Phi offers a multi-stage quality control process, which allows our team to deliver on time and within budget.

In addition, the firm's focus on innovation is not limited to design, but also evident in our approach from start to finish.


Explore the team’s exceptional architecture and interior design solutions.

News & Awards

Forum Phi is an award-winning, industry-leading firm recognized by local and national publications.